DPSolutions provides Revenue Cycle Management consulting services for individual physicians and start-up physician groups. We utilize industry standards and years of RCM expertise to evaluate your billing office. Changing reimbursement models and declining revenue margins have moved the physician community to reevaluate their practice processes and reimbursement strategies. RCM makeovers require strategic review of patient and payer mixes, gross collection rates, staffing assessments, provider contract review and new contracting opportunities.

Primary Services include:

  • Revenue Cycle Management Analysis
  • Staffing assessment
  • Identify “best case scenario” local market contract strategy with major payors to include PHO’s (Physician Hospital Organization) and IPA’s (Individual Practice Associations)
  • Provide a comprehensive billed charge analysis using national and local market standard fees to establish billed charges
  • Procure contracts and applications from health plans, execute contract performance analysis to determine contract renegotiation opportunities

Are you leaving money on the table? Do you feel that your current billing department is under performing? DPSolutions offers RCM consulting solutions to increase profitability.

You can request a brochure or request a phone consultation by filling out a Service Request form or by contacting us by phone at 866-257-2904.